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Play Steam Tower Slot Online And Brush Up Your Talent By Knowing The Rules Of This Game

Online slot games are gaining so much popularity these days that most of the game developers have started to introduce new, better and advanced versions of the traditional slot games. Most of the slot games available to be played on different websites offer 3- reel and 5-reel gameplay to the players.

Steam Tower Slot is one such video slot games that has been developed and published by the firm NetEnt. This games is normally categorized as a steampunk style slot game with fixed paylines that can go upto 15 in number. Apart from the several payline offered the players also gets the amazing chance to win exciting bonuses and prizes through this particular game.

Specific rules related to Steam Tower Slot :-

Like all the other online casino and slot games, there are some basic rules and guidelines associated with Steam Tower Slot as well. Players and viewers who are willing to try out this fantastic game has to comply or follow all these rules as specified by the developers. If any of the players does not abide by the rules then they will automatically get disqualified from the game.


So if you do not want to be one of those unlucky players who does not get the chance to enjoy the real fun offered by this game then make sure to check out the rules of the game beforehand. Some basic guidelines which can enhance your skills in the game are mentioned as follows :-

  • Look for the menu titled as Bet Level on the screen’s bottom side.
  • Players can select or choose the minimum and maximum limit upto which they are willing to place the bet.
  • For going out to a payout table press the “i” key.
  • Clicking on the center part of the control panel will make the reels start rotating or spinning.
  • Automatic mode for controlling can be activated by pressing the autoplay push button.

How can the player win a game in Steam Towe Slot?

For the purpose of winning a hand in the game the player needs to collect or obtain 3-5 symbols that are identical. These symbols should be present on anyone of the 15 lines. Unlike other game categories, Steam Tower Slot does not include any scatter or risk game.

Players are guaranteed to win a lot specially through free spins in the game. So lets spin the reel once more and win exciting and amazing prize money in the end.